We care!

We care about the environment!


We live in a world where our lifestyle is constantly changing and so is the environment around us.

We at L'Embitu are trying to be more environmentally friendly by becoming more aware and using

tools that are not as harmful to the mother nature.

What are WE doing in our hotel to be more sustainable?

 Less paper: we are using as little paper as we can and when we do, it is mostly from recycled paper.

 Screens: we have screens around the hotel and in the rooms, where you can find hotel's information and different offers instead of using paper prints.

 Pens: our pens are made out of recycled materials.

 Daily housekeeping: THINK GREEN signs are available in the rooms if you wish to skip the daily room cleaning service.

 Toiletries: single-use plastic products in our bathrooms are replaced with high-quality RITUALS products that are refillable.

 Laundry: is washed with certified detergents that meet the "GREEN KEY" and ECOLABEL conditions.

 Recycling waste: we recycle all of the hotel's waste.

 Lights: all of the lights in the hotel are LED, which save more energy and are environmentally friendly.

What can YOU do to be more sustainable while being our guest?

 Daily housekeeping/Think Green: skip the daily cleaning service.

 Towels: a towel on the rack means- I'll use it again.

 Lights: only keep the lights on when necessary.

 Walk: we are situated in the heart of Tallinn. All of the most important and iconic places are within walking distance.

 Bicycle: or visit places by using the bicycle or electric scooters, ask assistance or more information from the reception. 

 Air-contitioning: only keep air-conditioning on when necessary.